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Title : Enhancing the Side Conspicuity of Motorcycle at Night Time in Malaysian Roads

Abstract :

Conspicuity issues on motorcycle at night time have always been a big concern as it is frequently observed motorcycle ridden without its light functioning and motorcyclist donning low conspicuous attire. This somehow has contributed to high percentage of motorcycle crashes at night time especially at junction road and rural area. This study aims to propose ways to improve the side conspicuity of motorcycles traveling on Malaysian roads at night through brighter appearance of motorcyclist and new intervention using retroreflective tapes on the side body of motorcycle. 38 drivers with average age of 34.8 years (SD=7.95) participated in a video experiment to detect a motorcycle presence on the road. Multiple motorcycle configurations with conspicuity measures of helmet color, attire color, presence of motorcycle light and retroreflective tapes were included in the experiment. The results indicate that a motorcycle without any conspicuity aid can be detected at average 33 meters from its side. The use of conspicuity aids of bright helmet, attire, presence of motorcycle light and retroreflective tapes have resulted in better motorcycle detection distance with the use of retroreflective tapes have helped motorcycle to detect furthest and quickest. Brighter motorcyclists’ and motorcycle’s appearances have improved motorcycle detectability at night time. Furthermore, the addition of retroreflective tapes on the side body of motorcycle have significantly improved motorcycle conspicuity and this suggested that the use of retroreflective tapes can help in reducing motorcycle conspicuity related crashes at junction road area at night time

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