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Title : Effects of Grinding Parameters on Surface Roughness of Workpiece when Dry Grinding X12M Steel by CBN Wheel

Abstract :

This paper presents the effect of grinding parameters on surface roughness of workpiece’s surface when dry cylindrical grinding X12M steel using CBN grinding wheel. The factor selected as the criterion for evaluating the grinding process is the surface roughness of the workpiece. The CBN grinding wheel, 1A1-400D-45T-2X-75HSL100N100BI, was used in this study. Three grinding parameters mentioned in this study include feed rate, velocity of workpiece and depth of cut. The experiment was conducted with fifteen experiments according to the Box-Behken matrix. The influence of the each parameter and influence of the interaction between the grinding parameters on surface roughness was also analyzed in this study. This study has also built a regression model on the relationship between surface roughness and the grinding parameters with the correlation coefficient  R2 = 0.9805. This is the basis for selecting and controlling the value of the grinding parameters in order to obtain the surface roughness according to specific requirements

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