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Title : Effectiveness of plasma activated aloe vera on wound contraction of small animal

Abstract :

An investigation was conducted to determine the effect of plasma activated Aloe vera slice on for wound contraction in a small animal model by mimicking a clinical setting. An atmospheric plasma jet using medical grade argon gas as a carrier gas. Twelve experimental mouse Balb c, male, age 7-8 weeks, were classified into 4 groups, namely, Control (C), Aloe vera slice alone (A), Plasma activated Aloe vera slice with distance 10 mm (PAV-10) and Plasma activated Aloe vera slice with distance 20 mm (PAV-20). Aloe vera slices with thickness about 2 mm was prepared. They were treated by atmospheric plasma jet with distance 10 mm and 20 mm during 2 minutes before their application. Macroscopic use the visual evaluation of wounds was evaluated for 14 days. Wound contraction was calculated using a mathematic formula based on wound area measurement supported by computer software Scion. This investigation showed that wound contraction percentage in groups containing Aloe vera were higher than that in control group. This investigation was also showed that during proliferative phase, wound contraction percentage in PAV-20 was higher than that in PAV-10. On days 4-7 whilst that in the first group was slightly lower than that in the A, that in the second group was higher than that in the A. PAV-20 may have ability to accelerate wound healing, while PAV-10 may have ability to impede it. It was concluded that different characteristic of plasma activated Aloe vera slice may cause different effect on wound

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