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Title : Effective Strategies used by Teachers to Support Grade 4 Mathematics Learners in Addition and Subtraction of Word Problems

Abstract :

The study sought to investigate effective teaching and learning strategies appropriate for Grade 4 mathematics learners in solving addition and subtraction of word problems in some selected schools in the Thaba Nchu District, Free State, South Africa. Six participant teachers were observed during teaching and learning. Purposive as well as random sampling techniques were utilised for the study to select thirty mathematics teachers from six schools. At least four teachers from each school were randomly selected for the quantitative part and six teachers, one from each school were selected purposively for classroom observation. Six Grade 4 classes were observed and were chosen purposively based on the cluster sampling technique, three using English as a home language and three schools using English as a second language. Quantitative data were analysed using frequencies and percentages whilst qualitative analysis was conducted through content analysis. The findings of the study revealed that educators used teacher-centred method rather than learner-centred in teaching and was found not to support Grade 4 learners in addition and subtraction of word problems. However, the study also revealed that teachers used some alternate teaching strategies to support learners in the learning of addition and subtraction of word problems, which included teaching learners about reflection when solving problems, asking learners to explain and justify their claims, and code-switching. Furthermore, the study revealed that educators enjoyed using physical objects like cardboard and practical work in teaching and learning of addition and subtraction in word problems. Recommendations were made concerning the above findings

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