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Title : Effect of the Placement of Solar Panels on Corrugated Zinc Roofs to Lower the Indoor Air Temperatures

Abstract :

There are 92% of house buildings in North Sulawesi Province in Indonesia uses zinc as the roofing material. The use of solar panels as an alternative energy source can also be used as an outermost layer of roof covering as heat retention; the largest and longest part exposed to direct sunlight. The problem facing house buildings in humid tropical climates is the excessive heat that often occurs due to the accumulation of solar radiation on the roof that propagates directly into the indoor. The study aims to find the using solar panels placed on corrugated zinc roofs as an outer layer to cut the heat accumulated on the roof surface and propagate to the indoor of buildings. Two similar test cells have been built; where on the roof one of the test cells put solar panels while other cells without solar panels. Measurements of roof surface temperature and air indoor temperature on the test cells show a significant effect of the placement of solar panels on zinc roofs. A test cell that has solar panels, its roof surface temperature is below the 5 °C average and its interior temperature can be maintained lower than the temperature on the cell without solar panels. Further research on the production capacity of electricity from solar panel systems is still necessary, as a renewable energy source

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