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Title : Effect of Longitudinal Steel Reinforcement on Shear Capacity of SFRC Beams without Coarse Aggregate

Abstract :

In this paper, the effect of flexural reinforcement ratio on shear capacity of steel-fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) beams without coarse aggregate and transverse reinforcement was investigated. Six pairs of concrete beam specimens with the size of 70 mm × 125 mm × 1100 mm and shear span to effective depth ratio of 45/10.5 were tested using two-point symmetric top loading. The flexural reinforcement ratio varies from 0.0073 to 0.0782 with 0.1 percent steel fiber ratio of the total mass. The increase in shear capacity has been proven by the test results. However, this increase turns out to be insignificant as the flexural reinforcement ratio approaches its maximum value. Transverse reinforcement is required when the flexural reinforcement ratio approaches its minimum value. Fiber reinforced concrete without coarse aggregate has lower shear capacity than that of normal concrete and closes to the lower bound value of the Joint ASCE-ACI Committee’s test results for normal concrete. The shear capacity contributed by concrete proposed by ACI, which remains unchanged for decades, is only applicable for normal concrete.

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