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Title : Effect of Growth Regulators on Seed Quality and Grain Productivity of Hard Wheat (Triticum durum) in Non-Irrigated Conditions

Abstract :

The paper presents the results of the research examining the effect of seed treatment with plant growth regulators and seeding rates on the productivity of hard winter wheat varieties. The research was conducted during 2016-2019 in the southern black soil. The research scheme included the following factors and their variants: the varieties Dnipriana, Kassiopeia and Kreiser; the seed treatment with a plant growth regulator – without using it (water seed treatment), Kvadrostym and Nertus PlantaPeh; the seeding rate – 3, 4, 5 and 6 million seeds per hectare. The experimental data were processed by the standard ANOVA procedure within MS Excel software. In order to obtain the grain yield of hard winter wheat at the level of 4.72–4.86 t/ha with high indexes of growth capacity, laboratory and field germination capacity in nonirrigated conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine it is recommended that the varieties Kassiopeia and Kreiser should be grown with the seeding rate of 5 million seeds per hectare and the seed treatment with the plant growth regulator Kvadrostym at the rate of 0.5 kg/t.

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