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Title : Effect Model of Rainfall Intensity and Fertilizer Use to NPK Content on the Run-off

Abstract :

This research intends to investigate the effect of rainfall intensity and fertilizer use to NPL (Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Kalium) content that also carried away together with run-off. Questionnaire about the application of fertilizwe that is commonly used is distributed to farmers. The modeling is carried out by using yje rainfall simulator of hydrology system SK-III Armfield. When the rain is dropped, the run-off will be directly taken as the sample to be tested in the laboratory for knowing the NPK content that is also carried away.The methodology uses linier regression statistical analysis and variance analysis for reaching the aim of research. Result of laboratory test shows that the rainfall intensity and the dose of fertilizer use is influencing tohether to the Nitrogen (R2 = 0.787), Phosphate (R2 = 0.49); and Kalium (R2 = 0.489). Result of variance analysis test indicates that the Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Kalium in run-off is affected by the rainfall intensity and the dose of fertilizer use

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