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Title : Digital Text Watermarking Techniques Classification and Open Research Challenges: A Review

Abstract :

The problem of protecting the quality of digital text has become a subject of concern in recent years. In particular, digital text security plays the pivotal role for disseminating the electronic material through the Internet. Watermarking is a valuable method for securing digital document information since it addresses the issue of distortion, replication, unauthorized access and breaches of security. The rapid development which is now evident in knowledge exchange and access is the product of the Internet extensive use. As regards to various forms of digital data, this paper is the most complex and challenging medium for the application of watermarking process. Text watermarking is a very challenging task and the relevant works in this area are still limited. Extensive research must be worked out to ensure some major points such as effective evaluation, analysis, and implementation. This paper discusses the theory, technique, and implementation of text watermarking, including meaning description, embedding and extraction techniques, specifications, watermarking strategies and languages which has been used. Moreover, this paper gives a short summary of steganography and cryptography techniques which have been proposed for implementing the text watermarking. Finally, this paper also aims a to discuss the scientific issues transparently and the future work directions

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