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Title : Digital Image Steganography in Spatial Domain: A Critical Study

Abstract :

Prevalent years have witnessed the rise in a plethora of data security issues that run across the board from copyright to content security issues due to the multitudinous transmission and sharing of multimedia activities across communications conduit that utilizes the network, which is not secure. Consequently, the requirement for the latest security techniques in data hiding such as steganography is now imperative and indispensable. Thus, steganography entails the skill and science of concealment of existing confidential information by concurrently making the communications imperceptible through the utilisation of diverse media carriers such as Image, Text, Audio, Video, Protocol and DNA. Amongst the varying kinds of media utilised, the findings of this study show the high demand and proliferation of digitalized images, thus the emphasis of our study is pertaining to the implementation of digital image steganography (IS). The major problem in the construction of a steganography system is the maintenance of a compromise between robustness, security, imperceptibility and a greater rate of bit embedding. This study offers a comprehensive summary of current IS forms, alongside the latest endowments of individual classification in a wide range of aspects and modes of operations. Additionally, this study offers a comprehensive summary of IS inclusive of customary operation, necessities, varying aspects, diverse forms and their performance assessments, protocols, and types of attacks. Diverse performance analysis measures for the evaluation of steganography systems are also deliberated here

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