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Title : Digital hypnopressure development and its effect on blood pressure in menopause women with hypertension

Abstract :

Hypertension is a silent killer disease, the incidence of hypertension is increasing, especially in menopause women. Hypnosis and acupressure are non-pharmaceutical techniques to treat hypertension, but the combination of the two therapies has never been done. The aim of this research is to develop a digital hypnopressure device and its effect on hypertension in menopause women. The research used an experimental study with the stages of developing digital hypnopressure devices and the application on menopause women. The sample size was 40 people with purposive, 20 people as the intervention group and 20 people as the control group. The intervention is carried out for 30 minutes. Analysis of data with Mann Whitney U test. The results show that the creation of a digital hypnopressure device which is a combination of five-finger hypnosis and acupressure therapy. There were differences in systolic and diastolic blood pressure between the intervention group and the control group. Therefore, digital hypnopressure devices are effective for lowering blood pressure

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