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Title : Device for Sorting Tomato (Lycpersicum Esculentum) Using Microcomputer

Abstract :

Identification of maturity of tomatoes in general is still mostly done manually by farmers. Manual way is done based on visual observation directly on the fruit to be classified. The development of information technology enables the manufacture of sorting tools by identifying the level of maturity of tomatoes which is very useful for farmers. From 5 times the test with different tomato obtained tomato average data taken on serial communication and digital scales, the system has accuracy 99.84%. The servo motor pusher tomato testing the best movement of Servo Motor is known from the actual angle in coding (90 °) with servo motion angle motion (92.12 °) obtained error of 0.97%. The accuracy on the fall of the tomato from the conveyor is 76,67%, the test scenario is done by measuring the tomato falls on the Switcher at the corners of Grade A, B, and C

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