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Title : Development of Solar Operated Irrigation System with Integrated Communication System

Abstract :

In the 21st century, there are many farmers and rural area residents still facing poor irrigation and livestock watering system due to the high cost of electricity and lack of power supply. To solve this problem, an irrigation system using solar power with integrated remote communication system is proposed to meet these needs that are versatile, cost-efficient, and both financially and environmentally sustainable. A portable solar operated water pump is a device uses for irrigation system such as watering plantation and for daily household activities. The main components for this device are solar panel, electrical water pump, and microcontroller where all these components are connected with each other and can be controlled through a communication system. In this paper, the fabrication process and integration of communication system using a global system of mobile communication (GSM) in development of this device is explained in detail. From the performance evaluation, this device could supply about 3 liters per minute for a farm with area of 300 to 400 m2. In agricultural activity, the farmer does not need to be physically at the farm to operate this device, and the watering process still can be done, and this can avoid the crops from dying. This study could be a great potential in the smart agricultural activities especially in managing irrigation systems

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