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Title : Development Appraisal Rural Participatory Tool To Analyze Ethnobotany Of Gandaria (Bouea Macrophylla, Griffith) In Plant Production Centers In Ambon Island Communities

Abstract :

Gandaria (Bouea macrophylla, Griffith) is a tropical Maluku fruit that is generally found on Ambon and Saparua Islands. Gandaria is one of the plants that are appealing to the Maluku community on Ambon Island, because in general the community not only consumes gandaria fruit but the stems and roots of the gandaria plant are also utilized in people's lives. The system of utilization of plants by local communities which in their application is beneficial to people's lives is referred to as ethnobotany. This ethnobotany research aims to see the extent of the use of gandaria plants in the lives of Maluku people on Ambon Island. In this research the development Participatory Rural Appraisal tools, which involves the active role of the community in research wherein, community involvement is obtained through interviews. From the results of the study it was found that 100% of the people in each sub-district used the gandaria plants as food, 89.1% were used as economic producers, 72.2% as firewood, and 29.1% as handicrafts. Based on the percentage of utilization, it can be indicated that the gandaria plant is one of the plants that are in demand by the local community on Ambon Island

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