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Title : Developing Child Drowning Alert Prototype System using IoT PPG Sensor

Abstract :

The death rate of drowning among children have been increasing lately in peninsular Malaysia. It may cause by the lack of attention from the parents in keeping their eyes of their children in the swimming pool. An IoT based system is proposed in avoiding this unintended death from happening as well as helping parents in taking care of their children in the swimming pool. Child Drowning Alert System is introduced to assist parents in paying attention to their children in the swimming pool. This system consists of NodeMCU and heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor is used to detect heart rate the children in the swimming pool while NodeMCU is where the code is implemented in developing an algorithm to differ the normal heart rate and drowning heart. This system uses Wi-Fi to connect to the smartphone through Blynk application. If the designated threshold of heart rate is surpassed, the parents will get an alert signal from the microcontroller. From the testing, the prototype was able to detect the early symptom of drowning condition using our video simulation. This prototype not only help parents in monitoring one child but also enable to monitor more than one with the NodeMCU technology.

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