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Title : Determining The Stiffness of Bamboo Mattress in Soft Soil Improvement Analysis with Bamboo Mattress Pile Construction

Abstract :

One of the main parameters in planning the construction of bamboo mattress poles is the stiffness of the bamboo mattress. The elements of mattress stiffness are the moment of inertia of the mattress (Im), the modulus of elasticity of the mattress (Em), and the cross-section of the mattress (Am). This research will examine the rigidity element of bamboo mattresses. The research method used was to record physical data of general bamboo at random with a minimum outer diameter of 6.0 cm and a length of 5.0 m. The bamboo is assembled into a mattress with ties. The width of the mattress is 1.0 meter. Mattresses are arranged in 1 ply, 3 plies, and 5 plies. Each type of bamboo mattress is tested for its flexural strength until it collapses. The recorded data are load (P) and deflection (δ). The analysis was carried out to determine the relationship between the number of mattress layers and the stiffness parameter of the mattress. The results showed that there was a relationship between the number of layers of the bamboo mattress and the parameters of the stiffness of the bamboo mattress, with the equation: Y = 45958 X(0,3864); where X is the number of layers of the bamboo mattress, and Y is the flexural parameter of the woven bamboo (Em, Em.Im; or Em.Am).

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