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Title : Determining Locational Choice of Organizational Decision System to Intensify of Competitiveness

Abstract :

The choice of investment destination location is an important consideration for entrepreneurs who carry out international strategies. The company’s main goal in implementing international strategies is to improve organizational performance. The key to the success of FDI is occupying the right investment destination location. Given the potential of information sharing about the factor that influence FDI choosing investment destination location and its effect to on improving organizational competitiveness, especially in developing countries such as Indonesia, is important to understand how Indonesia attract inflow FDI. This paper addressed this important issue by studying determining locational choice of organizational decision system to intensify of the competitiveness in Indonesia. The analytical method used in this research is statistical method using Structural Equation Model (SEM) approach. Study result are as follows: (i) FDI that choose Indonesia as the investment destination is influenced by investment climate considerations, and (ii) FDI which choose Indonesia as the investment destination location based on the investment climate approach succeeded in increasing organizational performance

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