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Title : Designing A Prohibited Parking Detection System using IoT Ultrasonic Sensors

Abstract :

This study aims to design and develop a prohibited parking detection system. It will focus on the breaking of rule by parking at a fire hydrant. Besides, this study proposed notification and monitoring the rate of parking violations on the detection system. The prototype of the detection device used NodeMCU and multiple Ultrasonic sensors to detect vehicles. Possible sensor placement designs are well-thought-out to achieve the optimum result. For notification, this study used Telegram bot to notify the parking enforcer of any parking violation. A monitoring dashboard system is developed to capture the number of violations detected. From the testing, selected sensor placement design successfully captured the vehicle that attempted to park at the fire hydrant. The prototype successfully sends the data to the Telegram to notify the law enforcer and to the database, which reflects the graph on the dashboard. This study benefitted the parking law enforcer to monitor the vehicles that parked on prohibited parking.

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