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Title : Designing a Digital Game in Cultivating Act of Kindness among Children

Abstract :

Technology reforms our daily life to become faster and fun. One way of making things fun and interesting is by creating games or applying gamification. Game is an emerging useful tool for dynamic engagement with users while gamification brings positive effects to improve the user engagement. However there are few problems merging with the advancement of digital games nowadays. Thus, in order to solve the problems discussed and to satisfy the needs of the kindness act in our community while bridge the gap in the current game system, this study is proposed. The study is conducted to design and develop an interactive multimedia game for children (7-12 years old) in order to nurture and inspire act of kindness and good moral values among the young ones. In such, it could motivate and spread positive values in real world from an individual to others in the Malaysian community. This paper is focus in discussing the design and development of Act of Kindness – Aoky game in terms of character design and development and game environment interfaces in details. The game is successfully developed, implemented online and achieved all the objectives. The usability evaluation of the prototype is more than min 4.0 showing that the game is suitable to promote the act of kindness. Therefore Aoky’s game could influence and encourage the teenager players to practice good deeds in their everyday lives in their real world.

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