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Title : Design of efficient rate compatible LDPC codes

Abstract :

Within the current research, a puncturing procedure, which is novel as well as effective for attaining rate compatibility is presented. The low-density parity check codes (LDPC) of parallel concatenation gallager codes (PCGC) has been applied which includes the Quasi-Cyclic (QC) LDPC codes as one component, and two irregular components of the (LDPC) within the forward error correction coding (FEC). The puncturing procedure is effective as well as unique within this research. The LDPC component codes help create the variable code rates and the decoding challenges are reduced. Parallel concatenation has been used to apply the (QC-PCGC). They are component codes applied with the puncturing procedure to establish code rate and to decrease decoding challenges faced with several applications. The punctured coding system is tested using different channels. The simulation outcomes indicate that there is enhanced performance as compared to using the traditional PCGC or the LDPC long unique code which makes use of the same parameters, before and after puncturing. For the communication applications in the future, for instance, the 5G, the coding system structure that has been presented can be used. It is possible since there is a need for flexibility within forward error control coding and decoding and encoding should have lower complexity levels

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