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Title : Design and Modelling to Improve Battery Charging Efficiency using Photovoltaics

Abstract :

In order to make the charging process of the battery easier, it needs to possess a design tool with suitable characteristics. One of the main characteristics of the battery is the State of Charge (SoC) or simply the battery capacity, which is calculated with the help of the initial voltage value. In this process, a 100Wp photovoltaic panel with 12V DC voltage is applied. The method used is experimental and simulation/modeling, and its purpose is to optimize the efficiency of the process of battery charging. Furthermore, the Arduino microcontroller, which functions are a detector during battery charging, was used to determine the current and voltage sensor controller circuit. The voltage and SoC on the battery are automatically monitored via the LCD and on the SD card using the data logger shield module. ICM algorithm used for modeling-simulation in this study is one of the MPPT type used by photovoltaic systems that work at optimum conditions, thereby producing maximum power. The results showed that the battery charging simulation increased by 0.05% every 30 minutes. Furthermore, the simulation validation using Matlab/Simulink is carried out with data following the prototype design, at an efficiency of 88.37%

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