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Title : Design and Implementation of Luo Converter with UltraـــVoltage Ratio Gain

Abstract :

In this study, a new structure of the positive output super lift Luo (POSL) converter is presented. The major aim of this new converter is to provide ultra voltage transfer ratio gain. The basic (POSL) convertr has voltage lift circuit (cell), which contains single inductor, diode and capacitor. The disadvantage of the basic (POSL) converter is that it becomes the same with boost converter in case of increasing the output voltage at high duty cycle. The new converter provides ultra voltage transfer ratio gain by adding the switched capacitor inductor cell, which consists of two inductors, two diodes and one capacitor to the basic (POSL) converter and matching it with suitable connection. This allows gaining practically more than triple rise in the line to output voltage ratio. Pulse width modulation (PWM) voltage mode controller strategy is used to control the new converter. The new converter works by using two switches and they work instantaneously to make the control simple, more efficient and more effective. In addition, the equations of voltage and current in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes (CCM) and (DCM) are analyzed at steady state error. The simulation and practical results shows the effectiveness of matching the new converter to the theoretical analysis. The new converter has high efficiency that reaches 96.1% in comparison with the basic (POSL) converter, which has 94.1%. The simulation has done by using Matlab/Simulink program

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