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Title : Design And Implement Network Authentication Using Active Directory And Network Policy To Assign VLANs

Abstract :

Building the Secure and Complex network with easy access is one of the biggest Network Engineering’s challenges and IT technician tasks, as required for a friendly usability while setting a secure and firm network. In this paper we dive into details of how we can use Active Directory and RADIUS technology in Windows Server as a AAA server to Authenticated users with the use of configured Active Directory Domain Controller and Authorize Users Using by setting up the Radius Protocols to access network resource and dynamically assigning them VLANs depending on their permission and privileges. We will elaborate on how we can provide access to the Network using Wired, Wireless, Hotspot and VPN media’s that covers from stationary devices all the way to mobile devices outside the network and over the internet. End user devices in the network will only work with one username and password which they will be automatically authorized and authenticated into the roles, data and even VLANs they are assigned to them which is then maintained and controlled through Active Directory Role from windows server and RADIUS Protocol

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