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Title : Degree Of Confidence In Artificial Intelligence In Evaluation Of Human Potential In The Labour Market

Abstract :

The article deals with the degree of confidence in artificial intelligence (AI) in the evaluation of human potential on the labor market in Russian regions. The author's team analyzed the respondents' attitude to the evaluation of the qualities of a candidate for a job and the process of recruitment, identified the most comfortable method of evaluating the potential, and determined the possibility of revealing talent by a person and AI. In the article the nature of evaluation of hard skills and soft skills from the standpoint of a person and AI is considered for the first time. In the course of the research it was found out that the degree of confidence of AI in the evaluation of human potential on the labor market is not the same and depends on the age of the respondent, the nature of the evaluation index and experience in using AI. The lower the age of respondents, the higher the degree of AI confidence in evaluation of human qualities, especially hard skills. The main advantage of the article is the identification of the problem of evaluating human potential in the human-AI system. The obtained results can help develop views on the nature of AI application in evaluation of human potential in the labor market

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