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Title : Data exchange in vehicle-to-pedestrian communications: Coherent taxonomy, substantial analysis and future directions

Abstract :

Pedestrian safety becomes one of the serious problems in transportation systems. As the number of vehicles is growing, the levels of traffic accidents have increased significantly, Vehicle and pedestrian collisions often result in fatality to the vulnerable road users. This study aimed to review and analyses literature related to vehicle-to-pedestrian communication and classified the existing technology for Vehicle to pedestrian communication.  The factors that were considered to improve understanding of the field’s various contextual aspects in published studies and characteristics were substantial analysis that confronted researchers and proposes a new direction for pedestrian safety to enhance this vital research area.   We systematically searched all articles about vehicle to pedestrian communication in three main databases: Science Direct, Web of Science and IEEE Explore from 2008 to 2020. These indices were considered to be sufficiently extensive to encompass our field of literature. Based on our inclusion and exclusion criteria, 56 articles were selected. Most studies (29/56) focused on the development system, a number of papers (20/56) covered the study conduct on analysis, evaluation, and comparison, few papers (4/56) presented survey and overview studies. The last smallest portion (3/56) of papers study framework systems for V2P communication. Vehicle-to-pedestrian communication, which is a field requiring automated solutions, tools, and methods, entails the ability to facilitate detection or even prediction. Many studies have been performed on the detection and enhance data exchange of V2P to promote pedestrian safety. The research area's vehicle-to-pedestrian communication vary, but they are all equally dynamic. We expect this systematic review to help emphasize current research opportunities and thus extend and create additional research fields.  A proposed research methodology as a new direction is provided to solve the gaps identified in the analysis. This methodology consists of four phases; Investigation Phase, design a framework for the pedestrian safety system, Study and Analysis, and evaluation phase. However, research areas on V2P communication with the scope of data exchange are varied. This systematic review is expected to open opportunities for researchers and encourage them to work on the identified gaps.

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