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Title : Damming Occurrence over Hump Models: Experimental Study

Abstract :

The present research is concerned with studying experimentally the characteristics of flow over six different models of humps which are manufactured with a suitable scale and fitted to a laboratory flume. The hump models are placed at 70cm and 130cm from the upstream (us) of the flume inlet. Dimensional analysis is carried out to identify the parameters affecting the experimental work. The results showed that models 2, 3, and 6 retain water and the damming phenomenon is occurred at distance 70 cm and 130 cm from the upstream (u/s) of the flume; but models 5 is able to activated these actions at the distance of 130 cm only; while models 2 and 4 are unable. The results are also showed that Froude Number (Fr) indicates that the type of flow at the upstream (u/s) of the hump is subcritical and is supercritical in the downstream (d/s), while it also find that the flow is supercritical at the hump in the case of damming occurrence. The results showed that there is a difference in the height of the water between upstream and downstream of the flume by 200% to 350% at distance 70 cm while it is found that this difference by 172.72% to 337.5% at distance 130 cm

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