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Title : Dam Feasibility Model By Considering Post-Construction of Social and Cultural Benefits

Abstract :

The current model of dam feasibility model is not suitable for government projects such as dam projects which purpose is to build more to meet the needs of the community. This is because the feasibility value is based solely on economic viability, while the socioeconomic and cultural benefits post-construction are not taken into account at all. This research aims to create a model of dam feasibility that takes into account the social, local economy and cultural aspects. The effect of dam construction on these aspects is analyzed based on survey data and then the impact value of each aspect is converted into the weight of aspects on the new dam assessment method with AHP method. The ideal dam feasibility model formula that takes into account the social, local economic, cultural, and profit aspects of dams with their respective weight values is the economics of the dam (1x), Social (0.25x), Local economy (0.24x), Culture (0.23x). The average dam feasibility value rose from 1.15 to 1.64 with the ideal feasibility model formula. The results of the cluster analysis show that in some locations the dam's social – cultural aspects are significant enough that it should be taken into account in the feasibility model. In addition, the construction of dams that prioritize people's income is an aspect that should be prioritized in analyzing the feasibility of dams.

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