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Title : Corrosion Behavior of Al-Ni Matrix Composites in a dilute sodium chloride solution

Abstract :

Aluminum Matrix Composites (AMCs) have been used in several applications in aerospace and automotive industries. Although several technical challenges exist with casting technology. Achieving a uniform distribution of reinforcement within the matrix is one such challenge, which affects directly on the properties and quality of composite. Hence, this work aims to improve the mechanical and corrosive resistance of aluminum by reinforcing with yttrium oxide and nickel through stir casting using vortex technique. Al-Ni- Y2O3 composite with the percentage of Ni fixed at 20 % and Y2O3differed through 3-9% in increments of 3 wt.%. The hardness value of the aluminum matrix composite improved with increased percentages of Y2O3, and the maximum increase was obtained for 9% Y2O3 composite, viewing an increase of about 52%. Potentiostatic polarization test for the Al-20%Ni base alloy and the prepared composite were carried out in 3.5wt% NaCl solution as corrosive medium. There was a noticeable improvement in the corrosion resistance of the aluminum composite compared to its purest form, owing to the presences of nickel. However, the increase in Y2O3 percentage decreased the corrosion rates. The extreme decrease in corrosion rates was obtained for 6% Y2O3 composite in 3% wt. NaCl solution which reach to 5.51 in (mpy) unit for composite material which is lower than that of the base alloy 118.59 (mpy).

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