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Image improvement and restoration methods allow image quality improvement. Image restoration needs some information on the image or on the degradation whereas image improvement doesn’t need it. In this paper we talk about image improvement methods because sometimes it is an important stage before image restoration. Benin National Television Archieve Image has been taking as example. Different image improvement methods based on image histogram modification as: dynamique expansion, histogram adjustment, histogram specification etc, have been applied to the same televisual archive image for its quality characteristics improvement. In the work image noise didn’t have been taked in consideration. Programmation on Matlab has been used specifically the image processing toolbox. Whith the different methods applied only histogram adjustment and histogram specification gave the best results. Histogram adjustment conserve the image characteristics but doesn’t improve its visual aspects whereas histogram specification does it. In the conclusion; histogram as the first image analysis tool has been studied. Different histogram modification methods were applied. If they globally improve le visual aspect of image, they also allow access to image noises for a best processing

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