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Title : Contemporary Development Trend of Supply Chain Blockchain Technology-based in Automotive Industry

Abstract :

Supply chain (SC) lays out the heart of every industry, including the automotive industry.  Recently, several studies in SC has been conducted to look for the innovation that potentially adopted to gain the value-added for the industry. In this line, SC in the automotive industry is a very complex process and required the high standard for the product such as a car. In this context, the companies are collaborating to supply the component for the automotive industry.  However, a single component defect might cause huge financial losses for the company or life. Technically, the new Blockchain technology with matching features is required by automotive. In this set, SC explores the possible adoption. This bibliography descriptive research is facilitated by Publish or Perish tools to gather the high-quality works of literature from Scopus index database. It also used VosViewer tools to process the thirty-seven papers found to visualize the development trend of SC Blockchain Technology based in the automotive industry. The study revealed essential Blockchain Technology research in the automotive industry started in 2017 and eight essential relevance terms or important factor for the automotive industry

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