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Title : Computational Intelligence - Based Solutions for Optimization Problem in Medical Image Registration

Abstract :

In the internet of things era, everything gets connected at anytime from anywhere. Big data results from increasing in transforming raw information from different sources. In this context, an efficient processing approach has used. Image registration techniques consider one of the widely used techniques for manipulating redundant images before storing them permanently. However, there is still one more issue to discuss with this technique, the optimization problem. Finding the best transformation which requires working with too many solutions is called optimization. The computational intelligence field of artificial intelligence includes many algorithms based on the natural inspired process. The evolutionary algorithm is the first choice for many researchers to overcome this problem for their easy and low-cost implementation. But the local optima problem is inherently in these algorithms. So the researcher tries to use different emerging techniques to overcome this obstacle. In this review, different optimization techniques reviewed and summarized in order to give an extent to the current development in this

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