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Title : Comprehensive Modelling of an Optimized Energy Management System for Photovoltaic Standalone Building

Abstract :

photovoltaic standalone buildings are suffering from energy volatility which mainly caused by weather conditions, for that, it is important to adopt a smart energy management system that able to manage the loads according to the available energy. Add for that the inverter overcurrent fault, which is mainly caused by the loads’ reactive power in a well-designed system. Power factor degrades leads to a decrease in the system’s efficiency and depriving it of the use of all available energy. The proposed system in this article offers a complete solution to manage the consumed energy according to the loads' priorities, available energy, user requirements, and the weather conditions for the day and two days ahead, as well as correct the power factor automatically by reducing the apparent power as well as the total current of the invertor. The presented system adopts an ESP32 microcontroller to monitor and control the loads remotely besides correcting the power factor by adding a capacitive load from capacitors bank and as required. AC power sensors PZEM-004T v3 had been used to monitoring the load's properties include voltage, current, active power, and power factor in the load branches and on the mainline. Results show a promising system that not only managed the consumed energy wisely but also improve the building power factor by 0.9

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