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Title : Comparative Study of Super- Performance DOA Algorithms based for RF Source Direction Finding and Tracking

Abstract :

Direction of arrival (DOA) estimation methods of electromagnetic wave sources are necessary for very critical and significant applications, which is considered as a significant branch in array signal processing. There is a need to monitor spectrum and broadcast sources specifically in the military applications, which is very important for monitoring the direction of any threat. DOA is a set of calculations that employ for estimating the direction and number of incoming waves on the antenna elements at a specific range of frequency, which allows target detection and tracking. This paper presents types of super-resolution DOA algorithms with using uniform linear array (ULA) in case of white noise. As well as it clarifies the DOA estimation concepts with its mathematical model for each method. Consequently, we use MATLAB simulations to simulate each DOA method with various cases to evaluate its performance to obtain the required accuracy with the resolution for each DOA algorithm. Therefore, the main goal of this paper to show, which DOA algorithm achieves the best performance and better resolution for the all possible angles with the same number of antenna, and gives very high accuracy in target location estimation and its tracking.

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