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Title : Commerce Students' Ability To Correctly Apply Integration Rules

Abstract :

In this study, we focus on the commerce studentsā€™ ability to correctly apply integration rules. This was in the context of online learning during the Covid-19 lockdown at a university. Students were provided with recorded lectures on integration rules and their applications. They were then given tutorial problems to work on and they could discuss their difficulties or queries with their tutors. An online quiz was designed to focus on questions which assessed their ability to apply some techniques of integration such as direct integration, š¯‘¢-substitution, integration by parts, area between given curves, and interpretation of word problems involving integration. We then used their responses to that online quiz to determine the performance level of the students (n = 590). The statistics based on their responses were then looked at. Based on the statistics we invited all the students to take a questionnaire. Also, we gave a written task interview to some of these students to get feedback based on the items covered in the quiz. The written task interview responses of six students were then used to obtain an insight into the online responses of participants. It was found that the majority of the students were able to adequately apply the direct integration, š¯‘¢-substitution techniques and area under the curve. In particular students had difficulty with integration by parts and the word problem whose modeling required the setting up of an indefinite integral.

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