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Title : Cloud Computing and IoT Integration for Health Checking System

Abstract :

This paper presents the internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing (CC) combination in the medicine and health check up system. The fast growth of computer science and cloud computing techniques bring to researchers thinking the importance of combine the cloud computing and IoT in the health and medical supporting environments when the urgently was required. The researchers' priority has been focus on person and independent expansion of solitary methods with quit less developer on the tracking the medical field. The service of managing application in the health systems has been carried out. The analysis and examination of the internet of things and cloud computing in the environment of medical field is investigated in this work. In the hospitality, the combination of two types of management and monitoring techniques in data collection system remotely. In the first place, the remotely monitor platform of cloud design model has been set up in health information. This design has been analyzed by effective algorithms in eventual hospital data service cloud and monitoring system applications. The results shows that the suggested algorithms perform the future state of tracking system with further possibility of researches area are argued

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