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Title : Climate Change and Innovation Technology: A Review

Abstract :

Impact and socioeconomic effects of climate change are diverse, highly ambiguous, and varies depending on space and time. Innovative technology is an important response to operational and realistic adaptation and mitigation of such threats posed by climate change. Hence, articulating means, ends, and mechanisms to advocate and develop innovation technology towards addressing these diversities and/or ambiguities as to variations in climate, is considered a worthy project. In this study, an attempt is made to present a concrete but succinct review of some current developments in technology as applied towards containing climate change. It is submitted that while innovation technology is apt, climate change in its entirety should be addressed in a holistic manner that adopts a sociotechnical standpoint with the involvement of public and private sector partnerships. The authors conclude that innovation technology when anchored by political will would drive vital adaptation projects that could ameliorate the damning impact of climate change

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