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Title : Clients Satisfaction as a Mediating Variable between Brand Dimensions and Enhancing Loyalty in Commercial Banks Operating in Palestine

Abstract :

This study aims at identifying the intermediate role of client’s satisfaction as a mediating variable between brand dimensions and enhancing loyalty in commercial banks operating in Palestinian, as well as determining the relationship between the dimensions of the brand and the promotion of allegiance. The study community consists of (14) commercial banks operating in Palestinian, The sample of the study consisted of (400) respondents. The study concluded a number of results, the most important of which were: The existence of a statistically significant impact on the dimensions of the brand in enhancing loyalty among customers of commercial banks operating in Palestinian. A statistically significant effect of brand dimensions was also found to enhance loyalty among Palestinian commercial bank customers with satisfaction as an intermediate variable. In light of the results, the study presented a number of recommendations. The most prominent of these recommendations are the following: commercial banks operating in Palestinian enhance the confidence of their customers with their brand and banking services because this trust is one of the most important dimensions of the brand that enhance customer satisfaction and move them to the desired state of loyalty

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