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Title : Cholesterol Level Detection with Expert System and Eyelid Image Processing using SURF (Speed-Up Robust Feature)

Abstract :

Every human being has cholesterol in their body system; it depends on managing the cholesterol. Some people have more LDL (low-density lipoprotein) over the HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein); LDL is also called bad cholesterol. When a person has more LDL over the HDL, it can cause many health problems, so we designed a system that can detect cholesterol itself to prevent the bad cholesterol can do to the human body system. There's a condition when a person has more LDL over the HDL, and he doesn't have good blood circulation. Somehow the fat in his body showed up in the eyelid, the fat forced to push through the surface of the skin. Not every person can have xanthelasma. It's a kind of abnormalities in a person's body, but when a person has a xanthelasma in their eyelid, we recommend him to meet a doctor because that thing in his eyes is removable. Usually, the person who has xanthelasma in his eyelids have move LDL over the HDL, but they don't realize it. o that a program is made to detect cholesterol levels with an expert system using the certainty factor method and image processing of the eyelids with the SURF algorithm. The accuracy of the Certainty Factor algorithm is 100%. The accuracy of the SURF and clustering methods is 93.33%.

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