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Title : Characteristics of Local Sites Based On Analysis of Geological Structures And The Effects of Seismic Hazards In Pasuruan Fault

Abstract :

In the area of Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia, earthquakes often occur in the vicinity (land and sea) with a magnitude of about 4 Mw, which causes the local Pasuruan fault. Despite their relatively small magnitude, earthquakes generated along faults can pose significant hazards to densely populated areas and infrastructure. Therefore, it is very necessary to study the level of geological disaster vulnerability in the area using geophysical gravity and microseismic methods to determine the geological structure and characteristics or local site resilience of the area. From the results of measurement and data analysis using the gravity method through the gravity tensor, it shows that the Pasuruan area is included in the anticline area and there are also shallow faults that are closely related to the folding process. Meanwhile, from the microtremor method, it was found that the value of the natural frequency (π‘“π‘œ) ranged from 1 Hz to 10 Hz and the amplification factor (π΄π‘œ) ranged from 2 to 8, while the vulnerability index (𝐾𝑔) in the western part of the Pasuruan fault had a higher value (20 to 36) than in the East (1 to 12). Thus, the weak zone which is very at risk at the time of the earthquake is in the western part of the Pasuruan fault

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