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Title : Characteristics of a Hole Intake at the Bottom of an Open Channel in Small Slope Base on the Flume Experiment

Abstract :

Enlargement of the channel dimension is difficult to build in a land of densely residential buildings. Therefore, some open channels are only possible to be built holes’ intakes. In some studies, hole intake was building in the channel wall. This study researched a circular hole intake built at the bottom of an open channel at ten small slopes variation and three variations of the diameter of the hole’s intakes based on flume experiments. The purpose of this research was found a new simple equation to found the coefficient discharge value of a hole intake at the bottom of the channel based on the flume experiment of the variables that were estimated to has the most influence on this discharge coefficient parameter. So it can make it easier to calculate or find the discharge value of hole intake at the bottom of the open channel. Methods of data analysis used the linear regression graph and the multiple linear regression graph. The first result obtained four variables that affected the coefficient of discharge value of the circular hole intakes at the bottom of an open channel, namely a cross-section area channel, an area of hole intake, channel slope, and Froude numbers. Then other result obtained precision percentage for the discharge value of hole intake from the calculation used the new equation of the discharge coefficient compared with the discharge value of hole intake from manual measurement was 99.23%.

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