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Title : Characteristics and Analysis of Hadoop Distributed Systems

Abstract :

The last days, the data and internet are become increasingly growing which occurring the problems in big-data. For these problems, there are many software frameworks used to increase the performance of the distributed system. This software is used for available of large data storage. One of the most beneficial software frameworks used to utilize data in distributed systems is Hadoop. This software creates machine clustering and formatting the work between them. The Hadoop consists of two major components which are Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Map Reduce (MR). By Hadoop, we can process, count and distribute of each word in a large file and know the number of affecting for each of them. In this paper, we will explain what is Hadoop and its architectures, how it works and its performance analysis in a distributed system according to many authors. In addition, assessing each paper and compare with each other

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