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Title : Business Architecture of Public Guest Service for University Using TOGAF ADM Framework

Abstract :

Public Guest Service is a place of lodging that is provided for university students. Public Guest Service in this study is located in Indonesia in the city of Jakarta which has hundreds of lodging capacity and has public facilities that are quite varied. In the current management process, all data collection processes for residents, repairs, maintenance still use manual data collection as well as improper data storage. In an effort to improve service to residents and operational management, the need for business process development or the development of activities in Public Service Guest. Depend on the need for increasing occupant services and reminding of effectiveness in running Public Service Guest operational management, the solution is to align business processes with the use of information technology or information systems. This study uses TOGAF ADM in the Business Architecture section. This research generates a recommendation in the form of planning of a new business flow and maximizing the use of information systems and information technology in maximizing the Public Service Guest business process

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