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Title : Building a Fantasy Chain of Millennial Traveloka Employees

Abstract :

Traveloka, as an online-based startup business about booking airplane tickets, hotels, trains, and several other online services, in about five years, has become a startup business that received the title of Unicorn. Traveloka has two web-based platforms and applications that can be used on gadgets or smartphones. Rapid development cannot be separated from the millennials founders and even millennial employees. And they have a robust mutual awareness as human beings in information technology that drives their high performance. This reality encourages further study of the interpretive construction of Millennial employees' fantasies about Information Technology-based work, the achievement of shared awareness about Traveloka institutions through symbolic convergence. And understand the process of forming fantasy through the climate and organizational culture in improving the performance of Traveloka employees. Through the perspective of Ernest Bormann's thought about symbolic convergence in the creation of shared awareness in millennial imaginations and understanding of organizational communication and the symbolic interaction process of Blumer, this research tries to understand it. Subjective paradigm, interpretive variety of qualitative approaches as a method of study through participatory research and co-research. Research finds a reality that shows that the similarity of fantasy facilitates the formation of new fantasies. Flexible & Responsible Organizations support the growth of intellectual honesty, empathy, strong responsibilities to employees. The development of rhetorical discourse and the dramatization of the profession and the legitimacy of similar discourse bind a sense of brotherhood and strong dedication to employees. In a discourse on the Professionalism of Informatics Technology context, Traveloka is one of the best Unicorns in Indonesia. This modern organization provides high salaries and facilities that support employees' credibility to become the ultimate end of the millennial account

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