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Title : Boarding House Recommendation Application Using Collaborative Filtering Algorithm

Abstract :

Boarding houses are an inseparable part of students, mainly migrant students. In addition to resting, boarding can also be a place for study and discussion. Therefore, it needs reasonable consideration before choosing a boarding house. Choosing the right boarding house can increase student productivity. Currently looking for boarding houses you don't need to go around the campus, but you can use other boarding search applications. The application only displays data from the database directly without processing it first. When we open the application, the first display is boarding A. Then someone else opens the application the first to appear is boarding A again. Why not Boarding B? Even though the willingness of each user is different. Therefore, we need a recommendation algorithm to overcome these problems. In this research, the author uses the Collaborative Filtering algorithm. The dataset used comes from the Koseeker dataset from March 2020 - June 2020, totaling 1,897. The result of the calculation of Mean Absolute Error (MAE) is 0.4780. Applications made have an accuracy rate of 88.05%.

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