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Title : Bioelectrochemical treatment and detoxification of real petroleum refinery wastewater in constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell system packed with recycled demolition waste materials

Abstract :

The main objective of this work was to quantify the performance of MFC-CWs performance fueled with actual industrial petroleum refinery wastewater (PRW) using alternatively two different recycled demolition materials as supporting media. These waste materials were crushed ceramic (CC) and crushed glass (CG). These MFC-CWs systems were operated in a batch mode and compared to a MFC-CW with gravel media as a conventional supporting material. The three MFC-CWs systems were planted with phragmites australis. Results revealed no significant difference between the suggested systems in terms of COD removal and electricity generation. Maximum COD removal efficiency of 96%, 95%, 91% and power generation of 27, 21, 20 mW/m2 were achieved in MFC-CW microcosms with gravel, ceramic, and glass media, respectively. Also, the results suggested that bioelectrochemical processes are the dominant mechanism for organics removal in the MFC-CW rather than the biological or phytoremediation processes occur in the conventional constructed wetland. Results of toxicity test demonstrated the potential of the suggested approach for detoxification of the PRW

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