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Title : Automation System for Farm Using Arduino

Abstract :

The objective behind this work is developing a wholly automated animals and plant watering system for farm at the same time feeding animals. The primary inspiration driving this system is to monitor the wastage of water and to viably deal with the amount of watering of the plants. It additionally targets lessening human work, blunders and exertion because of human carelessness. It uses sensors to control the system. Arduino is used to run the system. Moisture sensors have been used to sense the level of moisture in the gallon of watering animals and in the soil. At the point when the moisture substance of the soil goes below a specific breaking point for a crop / plant, the pump system is activated and the plant/crop is watered. Efficiently the plants are watered until the desired level is reached then automatically the pump is turned off. Meanwhile, for feeding animals servo has been used to open the gap of wheat store at specific times. The test case of the framework showing that the framework is working extremely and is ready to utilize to manage farm for any place

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