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Title : Automated Visualization of Malware Attack Analysis

Abstract :

Malicious software or widely known as malware has inflicted a great number of computers and causing many intrusion and damages that wasted a lot of money and resource. Despite having a new variant and type of malware appeared almost every day, traditional worm such as Blaster are still posing threats these days due to its rapid distribution through the internet. This research is previously analyzed manually using packet analyzer namely tcpdump and wireshark which is time-consuming and inefficient. To overcome this problem, an automated script known as Malware Attack Visualization (MAV) Script is developed to automate the visualization of the malware attack scenario. This script is capable to analyze and dissect the network traffic and represent the scenario in visualization. This information is crucial as it helps to identify the sources of the attack and the location of the incurred damage. Thus, this script will help to determine and visualize the malware attack scenario which eases the process of finding the Attacker, Victim, and Victim/Attacker of the attack

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