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Title : Assessment of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction using SERVQUAL Model in Palestinian Automobile Industry

Abstract :

This study aims at investigating the service quality and customer satisfaction in automobile aftersales services, using the SERVQUAL Model. The study examined the variables that affect the customers’ satisfaction in aftersales service centers, and assess the service quality using the SERVQUAL model. The study employs a quantitative research approach, by developing and distributing two questionnaires to a sample of 250 respondents to assess service quality and customer satisfaction in the automobile industry. The research mainly found that some service centers need to put more effort and emphasis to enhance the assurance, reliability, empathy, and tangibles dimensions. It is noted that people in all of the targeted service centers are expecting the service providers to invest more in the tangibles, and to install more visually attractive physical materials and facilities. Being the first in this field, the outcomes of this study shall be used as a reference to advance and enhance the automobile aftersales sector in the future, and support car dealers and service centers in improving the quality of their offered services to ensure customers’ optimal satisfaction.

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