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Title : Ascorbic Acid as Oxygen Absorber to Extend Loaf Bread Shelf Life

Abstract :

— Loaf bread contains high carbohydrate and other nutrition; it is easily founded at the retail and supermarket. However, the shelf life of loaf bread is short enough, usually only for 3-4 days, thus there is lots of loaf bread wasted due to expiration. Efforts have been done to extend this shelf life in several ways; one of them was by adding oxygen-absorber active packaging. In this research, the oxygen absorber was prepared from ascorbic acid incorporated into silica. Ascorbic acid is recognized as safe compound for food and even this compound is already used for food additive. Thus, this research was aimed to determine the effect of ascorbic acid as an oxygen absorber to maintain the quality of loaf bread during storage. This research was started by calculating the rate of ascorbic acid absorbed into silica pores. This calculation results were then used as base on silica-ascorbic oxygen absorbers production. Determination of ascorbic acid sorption was began by determine the maximum wavelength of ascorbic acid absorbance. The calculation has been resulted on the highest absorption rate of 0.358 g ascorbic acid/g silica for 20 minutes of immersion. The calculation yielded an absorption rate constant of 0.388 g/g. This absorber was then packed into LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) plastic, attached inside the package of bread and stored at room temperature (27 ± 2°C). The experiment showed that the oxygen absorber made from corporation of silica-ascorbic acid could maintain the quality of the bread until 7 days in all treatment.

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