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Title : Architectural Analysis of Advertisement and Guide Signs in Urban Areas: Karbala Case Study

Abstract :

Iraqi cities, especially the holy city of Karbala, suffer from visual pollution caused by various distortions and violations resulting from individuals’ and organizations’ unawareness of beauty standards, which creates an imbalance between various city elements and the overall urban context. This chaos supports the establishment and imposition of scientific standards that can be used to develop a reintegration process for these distorted city elements to restore city aesthetics. In this research, advertisements and commercial signs were studied as one of the urban visual elements that contribute to the distortion of the city’s visual landscape. This research thus examines the possibility of creating an evaluation tool to quantify the distortion of the current visual scene of the city, in order to use these results to achieve a more balanced urban display. Furthermore, the research aimed to identify which regulations could control the operation and the physical proportions of advertisement signs on buildings, a measure predicted to help improve users’ awareness of the effects of using these signs and to thus restore the aesthetic visual image of these urban areas. Finally, this research reviews the aesthetic standards used in similar successful international experiences to help with the creation and adoption of new organisational standards to help restore balance to these distorted cities.

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